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EBIT/ EBITDA Worksheet

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EBIT/ EBITDA Worksheet

Company Name

Current Year period

Previous Year

Forecast for Next Year

A worksheet to determine the real earnings and value of the company.

Fiscal year end


Pretax Earnings from Inc.Statement.

Normalizing adjustments:

Interest paid (+)

Principal's salary (+)

Principal's perks, pension (+)

Principal's profit sharing (+)

Principal's insurance (+)

Related party salary/div/bonus (+)

Other - non-business related exp. (+)

Rent adjustment (if +/- norm)

Nonrecurring extraord. loss (+)

Replacement manager(s) salary (-)

Total of adjustments

EBIT normalized

EBIT as % of sales

+Depreciation & Amortization

Cash flow (EBITDA)


EBIT: Earnings Before Interest & Tax

EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest & Tax, Amortization & Depreciation

Multiple of EBITDA – Value


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